September 27, 2020 - God Leading the Way

Welcome everyone. We hope and pray that you have been safe and that in the ongoing trials and tribulations of living today that you have been finding God and spending some time with Him. Parkview Church is now offering two in-person worship services, one a more traditional service and one a bit more contemporary. If you do not feel comfortable coming to an in person service or right now it is better for you to participate online, we will be posting both services online for you to watch when you want to take break from everything else. The only real difference is found in the music and bit of the structure. So please just choose which one that speaks to you, and we pray that at some point in the service God has moment for you. Remember to click on video play button in the middle of window to watch the full service.

September 27, 2020 Traditional Service

September 27, 2020 Contemporary Service

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