May 31, 2020 - Pentecost

Welcome to Parkview Online this blessed and Spirit-filled Pentecost Sunday. We pray that at some point during this service the Holy Spirit anoints you and the Spirit's power changes your life and the lives of those around.

Prelude: "Gather Us In" performed by Linda

Opening Prayer (either pray out loud or silently)

Spirit of God, we long to be open to your presence in our church and in our lives.

Fill us with your wind and fire, that we might be enlivened again.

Help us hear the words as if for the first time, that they might touch us anew.

Give us visions and dreams of what you long for in your creation,

that we might begin to live them into reality.

Come, Spirit;

come into our worship,

into our church,

into our very selves. Amen.

"Holy Spirit You are Welcome Here" performed by Linda, Suzzi, and Tina

A Sermon on the Power of the Holy Spirit by Pastor Tom

"Spirit of the Living God" performed by Linda, Suzzi, and Tina

Blessing (pray either out loud or silently)

With rushing wind and holy fire, we go forth in the power of the living God

With tongues of flame and hope rekindled, we go forth in the power of the eternal Christ.

With visions birthed and dreams restored, we go forth in the power of the Holy Spirit.

With spacious grace and depth untold, we go forth in the mystery of the Holy One.

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