May 24, 2020 - Ascension Sunday

We want to welcome you here this morning. Take a moment to center yourself and to clear your spirit from all the burdens and distractions of the week. Also, pray a prayer of thanksgiving for all the people who have helped create this worship service.

"I'll Fly Away" played by Linda Kessler

Opening Prayer (pray out loud or silently)

Holy God, we celebrate your presence this day.

For the gift of resurrection,

we give you thanks and praise.

For the gift of your ongoing presence in our lives,

we rejoice and sing.

Overwhelm us with your presence here,

that we might be overwhelmed with joy.

In joyous gratitude, we pray. Amen.

"Across the Lands" (Gettys) performed by Linda, Suzzi, & Tina

A Sermon on The Church is the Mission by Pastor Tom

Pastoral Prayer by Pastor Tom

"We Believe" (Newsboys) performed by Linda, Suzzi, & Tina

Blessing (pray out loud or silently)

As Christ has loved us and prayed for us, we go now in peace,

bringing Christ’s loving words to all we meet.

Christ is with us in all that we do. AMEN.

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