May 17, 2020 - A Life of Integrity

It is wonderful to have you here with us today. Take a few moments to settle in and prepare to worship. God calls us to be people of worship, and we can do that in a variety of ways, such as at home, in our PJs, with a cup of coffee and ready to be at peace. I think that last part is key to healthy worship: peace. So settle your soul and let the peace of Christ guide your spirit today as you worship.

Call to Worship by Lorelai & Dad Joe

"In Christ Alone" by Linda, Suzzi, & Tina

Sermon on Being the Good (1 Peter 3:13-22)

Community Prayer by Michelle

"Lord I Want to Be a Christian" played by Linda (arr. Jim Lucas) for Susan & Jack Grayer

"I will Follow" by Linda, Suzzi, & Tina

Blessing (pray either out loud or silently)

Being washed in the love of Christ, I now go into this world with the healing love of God to be given generously in peace and hope. God’s peace will always be with us who live in God’s love. AMEN.

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