May 10, 2020: Mother's Day & Fifth Sunday of Easter

Welcome to Parkview Church Online. We are blessed that you have come to visit on this special and sacred day when the Lord of love has called us together to help us appreciate all that God has given to us, cherishing our families and our friends, seeking hope and peace throughout all our lives.

"Cornerstone / Rock of Ages / The Solid Rock Medley" arr by Mark Hayes and performed by Linda Kessler

Opening Prayer (please pray silently or out loud as you feel led)

Gracious God, we come together this day celebrating the role that mothers have played in our lives. We thank you for the present love and the memories of our mothers and grandmothers. Open our hearts continually to your love through others. Keep us mindful of those for whom this is a difficult day. Help us to reach out to them. Jesus reminded his disciples that they always have a place in his heart and that there is a special place for them in God’s realm. In the celebration of Mother’s Day, the witness to the eternal love of Christ, reminds us that we are responsible for caring for each other. We are called to lift up rather than tear down; to support rather than abandon, to reach out when others have turned away. Give us hearts of love that, in all places and times, we may be a witness to the hope that is found in Jesus Christ. AMEN.

"Cornerstone" (by Hillsong) performed by Linda, Suzzi, and Tina

A Sermon on the Sacrificial Life

A Special Mother's Day Prayer for Today

"How Firm a Foundation" performed by Linda, Suzzi, and Tina

Blessings (please pray silently or out loud as you feel led)

Dear ones,

Go forth in peace,

bringing hope to this world.

Go forth in love,

bringing joy to this world.

Go forth in the knowledge that Goes goes with you,

loving and guiding your steps. AMEN.

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