March 29, 2020 Worship

First I want to thank everyone who contributed and participated in this new worship format. We recognize that it is new and there will be tweaks and a learning curve for us as we go on this journey together.

Opening Prayer (to be prayed silently or out loud)

God of life, present and promised,

you are the One to whom we call:

for you are the One who hears,

and you are the One who acts,

bringing us new life

with your grace and love and power.

Lead us in our time of worship,

that we may be prepared to follow your lead

in places where life is at risk—

places where hope seems far away,

places where dreams die during sleep.

When we leave these walls,

help us live the teachings we proclaim

within this place of worship,

through Jesus Christ our Lord. Amen.

Sharing the Peace of Christ

Opening Song: To God Be The Glory

Scripture Reading from Ezekiel 34:1-14 &Reflection on Humanity's Displacement (not kid friendly)

Community Prayer by McKenna Newsome

The Lord's Prayer

Closing Song: Love Divine, All Loves Excelling

Blessing (pray silently or out loud)

We are a people loved by God.

We will live as signs of this love.

We are a people blessed with hope.

We will live in light of this hope.

May the love of God, the grace of Christ,

and the courage of the Spirit, strengthen our faith

and set us loose to share God’s love with all.

Amen and amen!

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