December 13, 2020 - Third Sunday of Advent

Welcome to this third Sunday of Advent at Parkview Church Online. This week the Luken family is light our candles and we continue studying John the Baptist's role in preparing the way for Jesus, however this time from the perspective of John's gospel (John chapter 1). This week each part of worship has its own video, so remember to scroll down and click on each video.

What you can do this next...

  • If you have the ability or technology to perform or play music outdoors, surprise your neighbors by inviting them to come and listen to a short holiday concert. Sing or play joy-filled Christmas carols from your driveway or deck, reminding people to sing along only if it is safe to do so. Otherwise, encourage people to hum quietly as you all enjoy the gift of joy that comes through music.

  • Deliver a poinsettia, potted plant, or a simple holiday gift anonymously to a neighbor’s front porch or a favorite church or charity’s front office. Include a card that says, “Joy to the world and joy to you!” or “Thank you for bringing joy to the world!” Alternately, send emails or cards with a message of joy.

  • Make Christmas cookies with frosting and sprinkles. As you decorate each cookie, think of one thing that brings you joy, then pray for this source of joy. If you do this activity with children or other family members, take turns talking about the things that bring you joy as you decorate.

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