April 26th, 2020: Worship Like Jesus

Welcome to Parkview Church Online this morning where are celebrating how God calls us to worship him remotely so we can worship him together in community.

"Open Our Eyes / Be Thou My Vision" arranged by Mark Hayes and played by Linda Kessler

Opening Prayer (either pray silently or out loud)

Eternal God, we are here,

yearning to know you more fully.

Stay with us as we worship you this day.

Reveal yourself in the words that are spoken (or read),

the songs that are sung,

and the bread that is broken.

Help us understand your truth,

and embrace your life-giving power,

revealed within your enduring word.

In Christ’s holy name, we pray. Amen.

"Open the Eyes of My Heart" performed by Linda, Suzzi, & Tina.

Scripture Reading of Luke 24:13-35 by Sam Miller

A Sermon on worshipping like Jesus by Pastor Tom

A Community Prayer by Sam Miller

"In Christ Alone" performed by Linda, Suzzi, & Tina

Blessing by Pastor Tom

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