Helping You to Be the Hands and Feet of Christ

At Parkview United Methodist Church, we know that putting out faith into action and serving our community is central to our calling as following of Christ. We have many ministries that serve our community, from our support of the Helping Hands food ministry, Matthew 25 Ministries, Blessings In a Bag, Adopt a family, Lunch in the park program, mentoring, school partnerships, and helping with Hope for Miamisburg, and much, much more.

 If you are looking for a church that is active in reaching out to its community, Parkview is the place for you!


Children's Ministry

Faith in Scripture

Girl Praying

Children's Prayers-- Be Thankful

God, thank You for this day! Thank You for the birds and the animals, the flowers and the trees, the lakes and the streams, and the sun that rises and sets over them each day. Thank You for creating everything we see! Thank You for the life we live, and for making each person different. Thank You for Jesus, who died for us so that we can go to heaven one day just for believing in Him. What an amazing God You are! In Jesus’ Name, Amen.


Children's church is back. Grades Pre-K through 6th are meeting at 10:00am. Nursery is open as needed .